Egg Alternatives

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By mixing extensive research of grains, legumes, and vegetable protiens, carefully selected organic ingredients, and the understanding of the demands and uses of the egg in various cultures around the world; We create highly versatile, unique and user-friendly egg alternatives.

Chick peas, amaranth, lupins, nutritional yeasts, and special salts give our alternatives for egg whites, egg yolks, and omlettes the properties to properly preform and deliver flavour that is demanded in traditional recipes and dishes from all corners of the globe. From Spanish tortilla to Japanese tamagoyaki, from Hollandaise to meringue, from crepes to cookies our egg alternatives allow you to leave the eggs out of the mix.


An egg-free alternative to egg for baking and sauces.


The original and world’s first vegan omelett mix. Made from a blend of chickpea, amaranth, and cassava.


An egg-free alternative to egg yolks for baking and sauces.