Puff Pastry No-Beef-Steaks


--(Deutsch unten)-- This dish turns out to be super delicious and super quick and easy. We cheated a little bit because we used store bought puff pastry, but that’s alright and actually also the [...]

Alfredo Light – Low Fat Mac & Cheez


--(Deutsch unten)-- Low-Fat, Quick & Easy! Prepare your Mac&Cheez as usual but use 150ml soy milk and 3 tablespoons of soy yogurt(unsweetened) instead of the recommended margarine. Voilá, you just created a low fat, [...]

Vegan Quiche


--(Deutsch unten)-- Vegan Quiche, so easy and so good ! INGREDIENTS : Dough : 300g Flour 150g Margarine 125ml Water 1 Pinch of salt Filling : 1 Leek 8 Table spoons Omlett Mix 200g [...]

Denver Omelett and Hashbrowns


--(Deutsch unten)-- The Denver Omelet, a classic American-diner breakfast-menu item, filled with green peppers, onions, and mushrooms and with a side of golden hashbrowns and toast. We make it vegan; we make it delicious. [...]

Tofish Stixx


--(Deutsch unten)-- Do you remember those frozen fish sticks your  mom used to make on a lazy day ? We developed an all vegan and healthy version of that childhood dish. Ingredients : Sticks [...]

Creamy Tahini Mayo


--(Deutsch unten)-- A nice way to add an extra depth to our Megga Exx Vegan Mayo recipe. Great on sandwiches and as a dressing on salads, and as a dip for fresh veggies. Prepare [...]

Cinnamon Rolls


--(Deutsch unten)-- This Recipe Comes from Jennara Santurio from New Model Patisserie. Yields 10 Cinnamon rolls   INGREDIENTS-- Dough 250g warm Plant-Milk-- Soy, Almond, etc.. 7g Dry Active Yeast 10g Terra Vegane Megga EXX [...]

3 Bean Chorizo Chili


--(Deutsch unten)-- A quick and easy chili variation that gets a little extra kick from our mildly spicy Chorizo: Mexican Ground. Makes 4 large servings.   INGREDIENTS: Terra Vegane Chorizo: Mexican Ground 1 Large [...]

Berlin Cheez-Steak


--(Deutsch unten)-- a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich the way Berlin likes it-- without meat, without dairy, and bursting with flavour! INGREDIENTS: Terra Vegane Deli-Slices: Smoky Lentil Bread-- mini Baguette or Hoagie Roll Vegan Cheese [...]

Vegan 4-Pepper Reuben Sandwich


--(Deutsch unten)-- Spice up the New York classic.   INGREDIENTS: Terra Vegane 4-Pepper Salami Vegan Cheese Rye Sandwich Bread- 2 slices Sauerkraut Megga Exx Vegane Mayo Ketchup Pickle- chopped Vegan Margarine Caraway Seeds Salt [...]